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Accidentally Trolling Since 2009

All the things I should do everyday 毎日毎日するべき

There are a lot of things I want to do every day, things I feel I ought to practice at or projects I want to work on. Part of my brain thinks that if I do a little bit of each one each day I'll make progress, but another part of my brain vetoes that part of my brain, saying that if I do some of each of everything I'll have no time left at all. Basically I could have no job at all and not get through one such "daily routine". That is pessimistic thinking, of course.

Here's a list:
    Actual Work:
    • Watch Shelf Life titles
    • Work on column in advance, a little every day, so I can get ahead (this has never happened)
    • Keep on top of invoicing for those other places I write for
    Practice Japanese by:
    • Study kanji
    • Read small things in Japanese and figure them out
    • Write a diary/blog in Japanese1
    Lose 10 pounds/stay in shape:
    • Get some kind of exercise every day
      •   Consequently my ankle has been bothering me again
      • So maybe I need more physical therapy
      • but I have new insurance so I have to find new doctors, probably  
    • Count PointsTM or calories every day
    • Keep on top of grocery shopping
    • Make/bring my own meals to work when possible
    Plan that New York Wedding Reception
    • This has it's own to do list, which I feel I must work towards a little every day. We really are planning it for this June. I have contacted some venues and everything.
    Get rid of stuff:
    • List sell-able things on ebay
    • Use my Amazon seller account to sell stuff
    • Donate un-sell-able things to different places
    • Podcast (once a month)
    • Re-read my old screenplay
    • Work on animating a certain friend's film
    • I've been thinking of starting a web comic
    • Update the panels I give at cons based on giving them at previous cons
    • Apply to do those panels at cons I plan to go to this year
    Personal/Career Goals:
    • Figure out how this tuition re-reimbursement thing works
    • Take an After Effects course or something at NYU SCPS
    • Re-learn how to draw by going to a figure drawing class (maybe this one)
    • Maybe apply for ITP? Decide if I actually want to do the ITP program or not.
1 Notice this entry is not even in Japanese.

There is a temptation to just float. To drift forward and not do anything, but that's pretty boring.

I used to get bored all the time when I was kid. I think I live my adult life by filling it with so many things that I'm not only not bored, I'm always anxious about something more important I ought to be doing instead.
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