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The Wines of Graham Beck

I went to one of Astor Wine's tastings today, and I bought two things, but I wanted to share my notes on the other things I tasted:

Brut Rosé, Graham Beck - 2008, Rosé, South Africa, Western Cape
- This isn't a very pink rosé and it's super dry. It has that weird champagne taste that I don't know how to describe just yet. It's great middle ground between rosé and and champagne. I totally got a bottle.

Chenin Blanc, Graham Beck - 2010, White, South Africa, Western Cape
- Normally I'm not a big fan of white wines. This was sweet without being overly cloying or fruity, which I hate. This white was super-easy drinking, yet it also had a distinct flavor, so it's not like those super-mild Italian whites that take a backseat to the food.

Pinotage, Graham Beck - 2010, Red, South Africa, Western Cape
- I don't think I've ever had a 100% pinotage before. It was interesting, but not enough of a tastebud adventure for my weird palette. Nevertheless, I'd drink it again.

The William, Graham Beck - 2007, Red, South Africa, Western Cape
- This is named after Mr. Beck's grandson or something. It's a blend of a lot of different grapes and it tastes freakishly like black pepper. Like WTF how can wine taste like black pepper?! It was great, and I think I may have had it before. I should've totally bought a bottle.

Industry City Distillery # 2 Vodka
- Made by these guys out in Sunset Park, where some of my friends totally live. The offer tours of their distillery. They have a cool website. The vodka was no Jack from Brooklyn product, but it wasn't bad. They seemed like nice guys. I'd like to tour the distillery.
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