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Baka! Life Update

Life update: I went to Japan and came back! The trip was not as fun as I had hoped, but it was not un-fun. Noah went on a hobo adventure perhaps worthy of its own post, but he has relayed his adventure to many of our friends already.

Recently I read this article about closing doors, which helpfully explains a lot about how I feel crippled by career dilemmas, or even hobbies!

To explain briefly, maybe more briefly than this topic deserves, I know that my new NYU job affords me a lot of opportunities to re-train myself from a production coordinator into something else, if I want to work in television again. I also have time to work on short animation projects of my own, or whatever. But I feel like I can only pick one thing. If I chose to start animating, I feel like that means I can't train myself to do storyboards, for example. If I apply to the ITP program, I worry that's time that could better spent animating.

I'd like to start a web comic, or take another crack at a screenplay I wrote (or make the screenplay into a web comic), but I feel like then I'd have to quit my podcast (it's practically already dead) or that I'd have to stop freelance writing. I'd like to study Japanese more seriously, but I worry it would be at the expense of another hobby.

So instead of deciding on anything, I've kept all of the juggling balls in the air for years. Years! I'm afraid of closing a single door.
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