Accidentally Trolling Since 2009 (erinfinnegan) wrote,
Accidentally Trolling Since 2009

My Top Five Most Controversial Shelf Life Columns (so far)

This list is primarily for Joel, because of a recent episode of Fast Karate for the Gentlemen when Dave was mentioning people in the ANN forums "losing their shit" (not an exact quote) over my "crazy" opinions on various anime series. Off the top of my head, here are the columns/titles that set people off. This week I rated Chobits Perishable which upset a lot of people. But that doesn't even make the top five list.

Casshern BG5. I used words like "tsundere" and "furry" to describe Spice and Wolf, and much to my surprise the forums told me to stop using words that I don't know the definitions of.

4. If people were regular-angry about me rental-shelving Clannad After Story Part 1, then they were super-angry about my rental-shelving of Clannad After Story Part 2.

3.  I have reviewed Gunslinger Girl titles on three separate occasions, and each seemed to annoy the forums more than the last.

2.  Popotan is one of the most upsetting anime I've ever seen. That lead to some heated discussion like this.

1. Casshern Sins Part 1 had a lot of overt religious imagery in the show, and the forums got offended at the mere mention of Catholicism. I probably came on too strong opening my  Casshern Sins Part 2 review with "I hate this show and almost nothing you can say will change my mind." This led to a very angry discussion.
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