Accidentally Trolling Since 2009 (erinfinnegan) wrote,
Accidentally Trolling Since 2009

Observations in Tisch, December

I have not kept up with livejournal lately, in part because many of the friends that caused me to join in the first place have jumped ship to or simply stopped posting. Indeed, I am unhappy with the waves of spam, and thinking of jumping ship myself. I do enjoy the friends list control, however, for super-secret posts, but then I feel as if I am using livejournal primarily as some kind of pity-journal.

I am thinking about moving back to having a simple Wordpress blog... but then a coworker was complaining that Wordpress sucks, there are better blogging applications. Are there? Like what? At least I know how to use Wordpress. I have a Tumblr account, but I don't really believe in using Tumblr for text.

Moving on, some blog-worthy moments have happened in the last couple of days:

  • My elevator stopped on a darkened 5th floor, where a girl in a mask was playing a cello. A tall man dressed in crazy tribal-influenced drag complete with a face-covering veil got on playing the song "Empire State of Mind" on his iphone and kept it playing the entire ride.

  • I came back from my break yesterday to see someone carrying a brass sousaphone in the lobby of the building. I always preferred those to the fiberglass variety.

  • I stopped by L.A. Burdick, the chocolatier, for an overpriced yet extremely powerful cup of $6 hot chocolate, which I then took to work on the subway. Some busking break dancers decided to perform directly in front of me, potentially threatening my beverage in a very Lebowski moment.

  • Speaking of Lebowski, I walked down Thompson Street for the first time in potentially four years and happened upon The Little Lebowski Shop.

  • As per the above drag queen, when I returned from my break later the same day, he was out on the curb with three girls in animal-print bikinis and kaiju leg warmers, pretending to hail a cab while another man photographed them.

Only in New York.
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