Accidentally Trolling Since 2009 (erinfinnegan) wrote,
Accidentally Trolling Since 2009

She Kills Monsters

Last night we saw She Kills Monsters, a play involving Dungeons and Dragons, at the Flea. I thought it was just fine, and very cute. If you're looking for entertainment with loads of non-white non-straight people who also happen to be playing D&D, and it's 2nd edition, in the mid-1990's, clearly you need to see it. It closes on the 23rd?! OMG.

Noah might write a longer piece about his criticism of the work, and half of it will be, if he writes a review at all, game mechanics criticism. He was certain, for example, that they were playing 3rd edition. I pointed out after, and verified on my smart phone, that 3rd edition didn't come out until 2000,after the play was set.

Noah was saddened the Beholder didn't get a larger role. He was hesitant to see the production at all until he saw some photos of the Beholder. It is a good Beholder, but it's part is sadly far less stage time than the Gelatinous Cube.
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