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Life Update

For various reasons, I was scrolling back through journal entries to find a very old blog post... my first ever blog post from blogspot.  I never found it (although I could swear I found it a few months ago) but I had forgotten about this list, which I've pasted in the list below.  I was surprised to read it and find that I have made progress in a lot of areas.
  • Watch Shelf Life titles - I have a better handle on Shelf Life now than I used to
    • Work on column in advance, a little every day, so I can get ahead (this has never happened) sometimes happens)
    • Keep on top of invoicing for those other places I write for I have been sending invoices in a timely way
    • Study kanji I have a kanji app on my phone, "JapaneseFlip" and I've learned at least the meanings of about 350 kanji from JLPT level 3 (new 4)
    • Read small things in Japanese and figure them out I bought a book of short stories "Read Real Japanese" and read two and a half of them before giving up. I also picked up Miracle Girls and Yakitate Japan in both English and Japanese, and have read a few chapters by flipping back and forth from the English version to the Japanese version.
    • Write a diary/blog in Japanese

  • Get some kind of exercise every day Well, almost every day. I go to the gym so often the front desk girl recognized when I got a haircut.
      • Consequently my ankle has been bothering me again It is off and on better and worse. I have the numbers for some more orthopedic doctors from my primary care doctor.
      • So maybe I need more physical therapy I did go back to PT, for like two more rounds
      • but I have new insurance so I have to find new doctors, probably Done.
    • Count PointsTM or calories every day This is still far too intimidating 
    • Keep on top of grocery shopping I am much better about this, but not perfect
    • Make/bring my own meals to work when possible I am pretty good about this.

  • Plan that New York Wedding Reception Done
    • This has it's own to do list, which I feel I must work towards a little every day. We really are planning it for this June. I have contacted some venues and everything.

  • List sell-able things on ebay I have sold some stuff on ebay!
    • Use my Amazon seller account to sell stuff I have totally been doing this, even since they got rid of EasySell, which was like my best friend.
    • Donate un-sell-able things to different places OK, I have not done this yet.
  • Podcast (once a month) Fuck once a month, I'll podcast whenever I feel like it
  • Re-read my old screenplay I did this! It sucked!  I apologize to everyone who's advice I ignored, you were all right. (The characters all talk in the same voice, for example.) I'm surprised that one producer talked to me about it, it sucked so much. How much must other screenplays suck that my crappy work got me a single meeting?
  • Work on animating a certain friend's film  I think everyone has forgotten about this project. I should hang out with this friend instead.
  • I've been thinking of starting a web comic Still thinking about this and not doing it.
  • Update the panels I give at cons based on giving them at previous cons I did a lot of this in the last calendar year, but usually right before the con.
  • Apply to do those panels at cons I plan to go to this year Done
    • Figure out how this tuition re-reimbursement thing works Done
    • Take an After Effects course or something at NYU SCPS Done. I took After Effects I and II last summer. This summer I'm taking Flash I and II as well as a 2D design course.
    • Re-learn how to draw by going to a figure drawing class (maybe this one) I have been going more regularly to Drink and Draw once a month.
    • Maybe apply for ITP? Decide if I actually want to do the ITP program or not. I applied. I'm still wait listed.

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